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You know that feeling when you're hitting up two hundred web pages to learn about how to really get clients?

All those big names out there, locking you in with their free info just to tell you the 'what', but not the 'how'...

And send you perfect email sequences and host perfect webinars to sell you their $1,997 product that teaches you EXACTLY how to do what you need...

And it's only for ONE segment of your business...

You know that feeling when you're sitting at your desk at home and you feel lonely?

As if you would be the only business owner in the world...

Totally isolated...

And you're unsure - are you on the right track with all those strategies you put in place?

Everywhere you hear about 5-and 6-figure launches, million dollar businesses and you feel devastated because you're not quite there yet?

First, you should now - YOU'RE NOT ALONE!

Here's a secret - we've ALL been there!


I haven't started my entrepreneurial career with a 5-figure launch. And I didn't get a raving tribe of 10k people overnight.

Most people in this community either.

My Online Biz Wiz Clubbers are NOT looking for the 'get-rich-quick pill'.

They are hard working people who know what they want and work their butt off to get there...

Once they know how to.

That's the point.

The 'how'.

They set up their business goals and are happy to share them with us.

They brainstorm about ideas and strategies.

Then they hop into the Training Library - because why should they re-invent the wheel? (My peeps are smart, too!)

They learn the 'how' but they are unsure about some details. So they jump on our Private Community Board to get feedback.

I'm there. And I'm happy to help them. Just as their peers.

Then they go and implement. They follow through (yes, because my tribe is persistant).

And they come back to announce their wins every Saturday.

That's my vision of a small biz owner, a doer who's just looking for big strategies for the small budget.

Is that you?

"I joined the Online Biz Wiz Club because I really needed coaching in regard to my business. I had been searching the internet soaking up every little piece of information that I could find. But then I saw Erika’s offer for the Online Biz Wiz Club and I knew that it was exactly what I needed, and at a price that I could easily afford.

As I was subscribed to Erika’s list, I already knew the high level of help and information she gives and I love the training so far! I especially love that it’s so easy to contact Erika and she’ll always reply with some great advice! Thank you.

So for anyone thinking about joining us, what are you waiting for? You won’t find another offer like Erika’s that easily."

Susan Anderson O’Brien
Susan Anderson O’Brien Sue's Healing Rays

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  • Member-Only Training Library

    You’ll get unlimited access to our member-only training library where you’ll find ALL high-end trainings we created for you. Selling Info Products… Opt-ins… Pricing… Sales Funnels… Facebook Ads – these are examples of the video trainings you’ll get as an Online Biz Wiz Club Member. You’ll be granted access to all of the trainings as long as you’re a member.

  • Mastermind Community

    As an Online Biz Wiz Club Member, you’ll be invited to join our closed Facebook Mastermind Community. This is your space to ask questions and get answers from me and your peers, brainstorm, get feedback, share best practices, network, cheer and support each other.

  • Monthly Feedback Group Calls

    On these monthly member-only group calls you’ll have the opportunity to get my personal feedback on your most important marketing tools – your website, landing page, sales page and more!

  • Peer Support System

    This is a structure we put in place so you get more visibility and engagement for your social media sites and blog. Attention: this is only for people who like to give, not just take. 🙂


Hi, my name is Erika and what you read above is all me.

I did have a rough start as a small biz owner.

I did re-brand 3 times until I figured out what I wanted.

I did have only 100 people on my list and didn't know how to grow it fast.

And I had launches where only 3 clients signed up.

So don't worry... I get you!

There was lots of coaching...

And even more trial and error...

And tons of 'shiny object syndrome'...

I'm the prolific Quick Start based on the Fascination Test - tons of ideas (love brainstorming!), pinpointing creative options, identifying feasible solutions and following thru.

So I got started...


strategise-865006_1280Coming from a corporate training and coaching background (and as a Certified Coach), creating content, breaking it down into digestible chunks and easy-to-follow steps was always my element!

I just needed clients who would fall in love with my content and buy...

I found a strategy to add over 3,000 targeted people to my list - in just over two weeks... And have used this strategy to grow a following of 10,000 people.

With the list building piece tackled, I started building my sales funnel (which was more like re-arranging my abundant content into logical sequences and filling in the blanks in between).

Then I became obsessed with sales funnels and built some more (and keep on doing!).

I created my lead generation and lead conversion systems. So what if there was more to it - I asked myself.

And that's how I landed in Social Media...


I graduated from the Social Media Manager School and learned to keep focus (extremely difficult for me!).

A year ago I discovered Twitter and created my lead generation system around it.

Now I have over 12,000 followers and had a week with 94 sales coming in only from Twitter (I know, because I love tracking, too!).

I'm all a system and process man - can you tell?

And these are exactly what I'm sharing with you in the Online Biz Wiz Club...


I  know most people want to sell. To anyone.

Not me babe!

I'm very demanding when it comes to who I let in into my world - and even more into my Club.

So here's the skinny:

  • If you're determined to make things happen in your business, then you're my kinda' man  - we'd love to have you with us.
  • It doesn't matter if you're just starting your business or halfway through the foundations or you have a profitable business and you're looking for more scaling.
  • If you're looking for strategies for online marketing (like list building, sales funnels, social media and the kind), then the Club is meant for you! If you're looking for support in networking and sales conversations and other offline ways to promote yourself, you'll find more spot on support elsewhere.
  • If you're an action taker who asks for feedback and then implements, then your place is here! Otherwise if you're just planning and planning and planning forever and you never move forward, then please don't sign up. You don't need the Club trainings.
  • If you're a whiner who wants to use the board to rant all the time, please stay away! We're looking for positive people… although I know that life happens and we all need a place to vent sometimes.
  • If you want things done for you, the Online Biz Wiz Club is NOT the place for that. But you can always join, take the trainings and hire someone to set those systems up for you.


And most importantly (the fine print!):

  • If you're looking for the magic pill to get rich without working or are looking to earn money the unethical way, please find another community. You won't get value from us.
  • Otherwise, if making a difference truly matters for you and you're not afraid of hard work, it's just the 'how-to' piece that is missing, hit the button below!

"I joined the Online Biz Wiz Club because your advice is always spot-on, and I always experience your trainings as clear, up-beat and savvy. I know how to network and promote my work in person, but online is a different animal!

The recent webinar helped me see „the forest” when  was getting bogged down in the individual „trees”.

Over the weekend, I began creating a more concrete business plan for myself, based on the points you made.

Thanks for all of the info, support and inspiration, Erika. You’re a Biz Wiz genie!"

Cynthia Yoder
Cynthia Yoder Cynthia Yoder - Author


Is there a limit on the number of trainings I can access per day or per month?

Absolutely not! You have UNLIMITED access to all the trainings as long as you're a member of the Online Biz Wiz Club.

Will I get access only to trainings released after I join?

No, you'll get access to our entire training archives - everything that was created and released from the start.

In what format are the trainings?

Most of them are in video format. It gives you the opportunity to see the visuals that accompany the narration and sometimes I use a desktop tutorial to walk you through some processes or tools.

Are the trainings about strategy or implemention?

Both. For most topics, you need to understand the concept (what) before moving on to strategy (why) and the implementation (how).

Is this program meant for total newbies or advanced marketers?

Both. It's for you if you're just starting your business and you'd like to create systems and structures right from scratch. But it's also for you if you've been to business already and looking to (a) transition into a more online business model or (b) get more scaling in what you do.

Can you name me some areas that you provide training on?

Yep. Best is to watch the short video below that gives you a peek inside the Club. You'll see there some of the topics we covered so far.

How do you decide on training topics?

I don't. You do! 🙂 In the Online Biz Wiz Club I like to do polls and see what topic people are most interested in so I can create a training around that. You see, this Club is about you, not about me...

Do you have a yearly payment plan?

Yes. By yearly payment you save two months' fee. Please email us to get started on a yearly plan.

Any other questions? Just click on the Contact tab to the left and ask away!


Do I get implementation help?

Yes. This program is structured in a way that you'll get access to cutting-edge trainings PLUS a private Facebook Mastermind where you can work directly with me and your peers to get your questions answered, to brainstorm or get feedback on your ideas and materials. If you prefer a closer contact, we have monthly Group Q&A Calls, where you can attend and get feedback right away.

Will I get personalized support?

Yes and no. In our Private Facebook Mastermind Group and our Group Calls you can ask very specific questions about your business, like feedback on your social media strategy or your sales page copy or cover image. But all this happens in a group setting. If you want my support in a more confidential setting, it's more my 1:1 coaching that you need.

In most membership programs the owner hardly hangs out in the group, it's more moderators taking care of communication. Is this the same in your program?

Definitely not! Let's clarify something. The Online Biz Wiz Club is my core offer. Which means - I treat it as such. I don't hire moderators to manage the private group and I don't get only members drive conversations. I'm 100% present and active and reply to EVERY question.

Is there a minimum length of contract to respect for this program?

No. You pay monthly and you have the possibility to cancel at any time. The only thing that I'd like you to understand though that in case of cancellation you lose access to all trainings, the private mastermind group with immediate effect. Also, as the fee goes up, you might not be able to join again with the same conditions, should you decide one day to be a member again.


I'm thinking of inviting my mastermind peers here. Do you have a special deal for that?

Yes. Please contact our customer care to discuss this.

Will my monthly membership fee increase?

Nope. Once you joined, you're grandfathered into that price. So even if the fee is likely to increase for new members in the meantime, you'll always pay the price you signed up for. Attention: exactly for the same reason, if you decide to cancel your membership one day, we cannot guarantee you that you can get back in for the same fee again in the future.


This Club is about... YOU!

We develop training content based on the needs we identify among our members on our Private Mastermind or our group calls.

Here's how it plays out for others:

Meet Cindy. She's a holistic practitioner. She loves going thru the new trainings and attending the Group Calls that are partially focused around that topic. She uses the Group Calls to ask clarifying questions, find more resources and best practices and identify how that particular strategy can be applied to her business before getting down with implementation. Or...

Meet Catherine. She's a health coach. She's focused and doesn't want to get distracted with all kinds of trainings. So she's busy with working on her business. And when she's stuck, she checks out the relevant Club training and hands it all out to her VA. Or...

Meet Cynthia. She's an author. She loves building connections and find new ways to promote her books. So she's happy to check out trainings and group calls about technology and social media and apply some nuggets to her business. She's also posting her weekly focus and accomplishments in our Mastermind Group.

How will YOU use the Club?

Have a sneak peek

into the Club!


"My business is on the path to great success because of Erika’s teaching. Erika is genuine and very knowledgeable in what she teaches. She has done it for herself before she would ever teach it to you. That does not always happen in the online environment.

I would highly recommend Erika, because she gives what she says she will, plus much more."

Jody Smith
Jody Smith Integrity Business Solutions


We don't offer a refund. We honor value. You get unlimited trainings for only $27 a month. You still need to do the work yourself, but you'll have access to me and this awesome community to give you feedback and tips so you can go and implement with ease. And if at some point you decide that you'd like to move on, you can cancel your membership - no contracts, no cancellation fees.

Me and your peers are looking forward already to working with you in the Club!

Join The Online Biz Wiz Club Today For Only $27!

As soon as you join, you'll get access to unlimited trainings from the Training Library, the Private Facebook Mastermind, the Monthly Feedback Group Calls and more. No contracts - you can cancel any time. If you cancel your membership, you'll immediately lose access to the Training Library, Mastermind Group and other membership services. WARNING: This is your first and last opportunity to get in the Online Biz Wiz Club at such a low fee. The price will be tripled soon. And the good news is - once you join us now, you'll be grandfathered into this all-time-low fee, while you maintain your continuous membership.

"In Erika's programs the modules are easy to follow, the feeling I had after finishing each one of them was that I had a “checklist” full of tips and techniques from where I could choose from and implement it immediately. I feel I have everything to make my business succeed."

Jackeline Cobian
Jackeline Cobian